Here youŽll find some samples of the great music from Liberia. Ranging from local folklore to pop and the more modern rap, I will try to offer you a broad overview of LiberiaŽs culture.
Do you also have any old tapes from Liberia? Or recordings from local radio stations, ELWA TV, or private movies of festivities? It would be great if you could make a copy and send it to me, as I have the means to digitze audio- and video-material.

If you wish to purchase one of the CDŽs then please send me an Email.

Audio Samples:

  1) Liberian National Anthem National Anthem  (12 KB)
  2) Sanniquelli Beautyful Family  (323 KB)
  3) Ali Ganda & the Sierra Leone Crackers Band President Tubman  (692 KB) at 20kbps
  4) Hawa Moore "A Yam Yam Sae (I Have Nobody)" Dei Ya Monnue  (2,294 KB)
  5) Hawa Moore "A Yam Yam Sae (I Have Nobody)" A Yam Yam Sae  (2,403 KB)
  6) Dave Osborne Dave  (7,76 MB) at 24kbps  - Order full CD now
  7) Zack and Geebah Sweet Liberia  (8,52 MB) at 24kbps  - Order full CD now
  8) (The Boyz of) Butumburam Pray for Liberia  (5,88 MB)at 24kbps  - Order full CD now
  9) Zaye Tete In Kendeja Comes to You  (7,97 MB) at 24kbps  - Order full CD now
10) Elaine Saba Peabody Take Time  
11) Joe Woyee Brand New Antiques  
12) Alhaj Moving Into The Light  
13) Gebah and Maudeline Mass Exodus  
14) Soulful Dynamics The Best of Soulful Dynamics  (4,91 MB) at 20kbps

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